Shri Mataji in Melbourne, 1981-1995


Giving Realisation in Mooroolbark

At Mooroolbark last Sunday, 115 people got their realisation.

Thanks to the many yogis who helped throughout the day.



The Geelong meditation program started very well. We had 3 new people and 9 sahaja yogis who came to support the program. The venue is located centrally in Geelong close to the market place in the city. The program started with a public program talk on dvd followed by realisation. It was very wonderful to see the seekers settled well and were awed by Shri Mataji's talk. We introduced footsoak technique and let them meditate with meditation music. At the end, the seekers were keen to continue and took some fliers to spread this good news to others. All the yogis and yoginis felt it is a very good start. Soon on Tuesday afternoons we will start a regular program at 185 Malop Street, Geelong. Bandhans and desire from the collective for the seekers to attend Geelong program are humbly requested.