Leaders and the school

... You were running very good ashrams, no doubt. There were no such problems, no such things happening, and then something went wrong here; I know that also. Because of that we should not give up our unity. Has happened something; doesn’t matter; we should reunite. Unless and until we are united we cannot fight. And the negativity is at your door that can enter through even Sahaja Yogis. As it had through your leaders also; I know that. But nobody told me about it, surprisingly. I’ve already said that you don’t tell me against the leaders but you tell me if they are doing something wrong; is absolutely allowed. Nobody wrote to me a word till I myself discovered it. Otherwise from Australia I get at least sometimes minimum of ten to twenty pages letters. But not a word about what was happening here or how people were dominating you and how things were going worse. I had to discover it. We are all one family, after all I’m your Mother. If you don’t tell me, who is going to tell me about it? You have every right to tell me. Leaders is just a myth as such. That’s the way I can communicate. But if you find anything wrong with any leader, or anything, you should tell me. I’m always available, you can always telephone to me, I can always talk to you. ...
So nobody told me. I never knew what was happening. You’ll be amazed, I even did not know that the school was removed to Sydney. I did not know; nobody asked me, nobody told me; I had no idea. I never knew. Suddenly the photographs of the children came and their eyes, you see: “What’s the matter? Where are they?” Then they told us the school has been removed and all that, and the children were not normal at all. I was so shocked. Then I found out that the school was removed without My knowledge, without telling me. So arbitrary and everything. Nobody told me. You have to tell me, you have to inform me. Now, in my lifetime, if this is the situation, I don’t know what’s going to happen later. Will it be like other Christianity of Paul or another Hinduism or another thing like that; after all you are Sahaja Yogis.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Informal talk to Sahaja yogis, Melbourne, 4/3/90

Your job is only to communicate, but you must take everybody into consideration. This is the point where I think sometimes the leaders go arbitrary. One of them was like changing the school, when you have the school. They brought the school from Melbourne to Sydney and I was surprised I was never told about it. It is a serious thing. All such happenings can be told to me.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Talk to western Sahaja yogis, Alibag, India, 30/12/88