Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne 2010

Today [day 1, Friday] we had a very successful day at MBS giving realisation to over 160 people. It is one of the main events that Sahaja Yoga Victoria participates in twice a year and we give realisation to many seekers during an intense 3-4 days. Many people from the MBS come for the one day workshops at our Cheltenham centre from our email invitations. People were coming constantly all day to learn about Sahaja Yoga and receive their self realisation. There were people from country towns like Sheraton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Morwel, Taralgon and Sale and from as far as Tasmania and Brisbane all very keen to continue learning about Sahaja Yoga. The people from Sheppaton have requested us to come and run a program there and they already have a group of 25 people that are interested to learn. At 4:15 on the central stage our bhajan group were able to perform and give realisation.

Over the four days of the MBS, 900+ achieved their realisation. And hundreds more took the small introductory leaflet and program listings handout.