The visit

The following happened when I was living in Robert Street, Melbourne in 1986. It was a Royal Australian Navy townhouse, shared with many other people. Our neighbours were friendly, with some ladies looking after their children by themselves while their husbands were at sea.
I was about three months pregnant with our second child and was threatened with a miscarriage. My friend came by one day to give me vibrations, then left me alone. I then went into a deep and blissful state. I felt that Shri Mataji started to come out of Her photograph. I started to see myself from above and saw my whole body as a hollow golden instrument or pipe, not dense, but slowly increasing and decreasing in golden brilliance from above as I looked down it. I saw flashes of golden ribbon being flung around within it, like a gymnast dancing with long ribbons. The Heart chakra I could feel as a full solid and stable block of very powerful love.
After a while, things came back to normal and I went downstairs and lay down on the sofa in the sitting room, facing outwards into our little garden with its enormous coral tree overhanging it in flower. I started to relax and, before my eyes, a ray of sunlight came down through the tree and suddenly Shri Mataji, dressed in a white sari, was walking casually down the path towards our front door, looking around at the garden as She went. She entered the house and Her physical state changed to a heavenly golden light which enveloped me. I felt totally one with the whole, knowing all truth. I was a drop in the ocean of joy of the universe.
My neighbour Margaret had swept the path to our front door that morning to remove some dropped flowers. But the coral tree did not shed any flowers for about a day afterwards, as it normally would continuously during flowering. Our daughter was born a happy baby, very wiry and strong about six months later.
Annete H.